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Four Seasons Maui Art Collection Brochure

Addy Award Winner (they call them Pele Awards in Hawaii)
2008 - 1st place - Advertising Brochure category!

The Four Seasons Maui has a fantastic art collection hanging on their walls, purchased by the property owner and professionally collected and curated. The theme is contemporaray Hawaiian art and artists. The Four Seasons Hualalai on the Big Island has the historical collection.

I created a twenty page brochure that was to serve not only as a take-away brochure, but a companion piece to a self-guided walking tour, also accompanied by an optional ipod-based audio narration. They asked for an "Award Winner" when I started, so that's what they got... it's great when things work out like that !

Four Seasons Maui Art Collection Brochure


Ad for Watch Collector Magazine

Apparently there's an entire segment of the population who collect watches, and they need to house them in very expensive high tech display cases that automatically keep them wound, since the really great collectible watches don't use batteries... who knew?

I had created the logo and done some illustration work for this company, so when they asked if I knew anyone who could do an ad... ahem.


Cruise Line's Russian River Cruise Brochure

This was interesting. Integrating a map and the content became a challenge solved by using the background to house a graphic for the itinerary. I've ended up using this device a lot, it saves page real estate and allows maximun impact for more informational elements, by using (the otherwise) negative space. Makes it a little busy, but not as much as if it were boxed in.

In any event, there was way too mmuch info for four pages, but that's what the budget dictated. I would have preferred a more open look, with "white (or black) space".