InfoGraphic Design logotype


You mean me?

Or the guy on left?

The guy on the left is an illustration that I did some years back, and was based on the image below. In 1986, I borrowed an old 1930s textbook on Graphic Arts from a friend, (who taught graphics in High School). I was looking through it and found a section on poster making. Of course it was old school even for 1986, but it really caught my eye... the composition and the guy... I called him the "poster boy". I felt like I could have been him, if I had been 50 years older. So I scanned the image thinking I'd like to use it someday as the basis for my logo or at least a signature graphic, and here he is.

By the way, scanners were very rare in 1986, and I had to drive 30 miles and pay a guy $20 to do it. I didn't even have software that could view it in greyscale, just bitmapped. It wasn't until a couple of years later when the predecessor to Photoshop (called BarneyScan... yes, really) was released that I actual saw the scan as it was supposed to look.

So yes, in a way, he is me, (sans cigar of course)... at least in a Roger Rabbit kind of way.

But, if you want to know more about the flesh and blood me, and who wouldn't, stay tuned...


poster-boy.jpg The poster he's working on is about a live stage performance with two of the thirties' most famous radio personalities, gossip guy Walter Winchell and Big Band guy Ben Bernie (and his Merry Lads... yeh that's not so au courrant, n'est-ce pas?).

"To boost ratings, Winchell and Bernie, who were good friends, staged a fake rivalry similar to the comedic conflict between Jack Benny and Fred Allen. This mutually beneficial "feud" was a running gag on their radio appearances and continued in two films in which they portrayed themselves: Wake Up and Live (1937) and Love and Hisses (1937)."

So their stage show woulda been kinda like "Taylor Swift feat. Kanye West" today ;-)